About Our Firm

Law & Finance Building - 429 4th Avenue - Pittsburgh
Law & Finance Building
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Who we are

The firm of Weisel, Xides and Foerster LLp has evolved over the years. The original partners were Clifford Weisel (deceased) and William Johnstone (deceased). Mr. Byron Xides joined the firm in 1957. Mr. Xides then became a partner, and the firm became known as Weisel, Johnstone and Xides. Following Mr. Johnstone’s death, the name changed to Weisel and Xides. The firm developed an excellent reputation in a wide variety of legal fields including business law, wills and estates, civil litigation and family law.

The firm of Weisel and Xides continued to enjoy an excellent reputation in Pittsburgh’s legal community for the next six decades. Byron Xides was instrumental in developing and maintaining this reputation as the firm continued to evolve. Other attorneys joined and left the firm over the years, but Byron Xides remained. The firm assumed its present character in 1982 with the addition of attorneys Robert Xides and Charles Foerster. Both of them became partners in 1989, and the firm name changed to Weisel, Xides & Foerster.

A few things about us

Family connections create a strong personal bond among our attorneys. Robert Xides and Patricia Nixon are husband and wife. Byron Xides and Robert Xides are uncle and nephew.

Two of our attorneys have been elected by their peers as Section Chairs of the Allegheny County Bar Association. Charles Foerster is a former chair of the Probate and Trust Law Section and Robert Xides is a former chair of the Municipal and School Solicitors Board of Trustees.

The California Connection

One of our partners, Charles Foerster, maintains an estate law office in San Luis Obispo County, Callifornia (midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles). This makes out firm uniquely suited to the needs of Pennsylvania residents with interests in California and of California residents with interests in Pennsylvania.

Our Team

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